ABI is leading the fight against 0.05

ABI strongly opposes lowering the blood-alcohol arrest level for driving. The move is an attack on the restaurant and hospitality industries and converts their responsible customers into criminals. Stand against 0.05 today.

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Alcohol and Health

ABI supports moderate, responsible alcohol consumption consistent with one’s own medical needs. Evidence supports the notion that moderate consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Ignition Interlocks

Instead of spreading traffic safety resources too thinly by requiring low-BAC, first-time offenders to install interlocks, states should first ensure the most dangerous hardcore offenders comply with interlock orders.

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The Intersection of Alcohol & Marijuana

Traffic deaths from both high and dangerous hardcore drunk drivers should be addressed, but separately. Tackling both of them under the same statute will only impede effectiveness and harm law abiding citizens.

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