Founded in 1991, the American Beverage Institute (ABI) is the only organization dedicated to the protection of responsible on-premise consumption of adult beverages. ABI’s strength stems from its composition — ABI is a restaurant trade association, representing America’s favorite restaurant chains as well as hundreds of individual restaurants and on-premise retailers.


ABI sponsors unbiased studies by university researchers and traffic safety experts to inform the debate on adult beverages, responsible consumption, and drunk driving.

ABI also uses independent and government research to develop educational materials for people involved in the hospitality industry — from supplier company executives to managers of individual restaurants. Our campaigns inform our members on the most up-to-date issues confronting their industry and provide them with the necessary context to make knowledgeable decisions.


Armed with extensive research, ABI combats misinformation campaigns by overzealous activists by promoting aggressive and successful earned media campaigns. In this offense approach our media team educates reporters and editors and, consequently, ensures that the truth about responsible adult beverage consumption reaches policymakers and the public.

Legislative Program

ABI actively participates in legislative battles at the state and federal levels. Through its extensive and unprecedented grassroots network, ABI can activate thousands of restaurant owners, operators, managers, and even servers to promote our mission — defense of the responsible consumption of adult beverages. As the foremost expert on industry issues, ABI also frequently testifies before governing committees at the state and the national level to defend our common interests.

About Jackson Shedelbower, Communications Director 

Jackson Shedelbower is the Communications Director of the American Beverage Institute. Through active media engagement, opinion pieces and legislative testimony, he is able to effectively defend and advocate for the interests of ABI members and their responsible customers. He believes that American consumers should be able to enjoy a glass of their favorite beer, wine, or spirit without unreasonable legislative encroachment. Jackson lives in Washington, D.C. and has degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of Illinois.

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