SALT LAKE CITY — The American Beverage Institute is continuing its campaign against Utah over the .05 DUI law, this time targeting senior statesmen in the legislature.

The ad, slated to run in Thursday’s Salt Lake Tribune and shared with FOX 13 in advance, highlights Governor Gary Herbert and a number of lawmakers who are over 65 years old, claiming they are more impaired than someone with a .05 blood alcohol content.

“Where this ad is specifically concerned, someone who is driving over the age of 65 is scientifically more impaired than a driver at .05,” ABI’s Sarah Longwell said in a statement. “With this in mind, Utah lawmakers need to put traffic safety threats into perspective and apply their finite resources to problems backed up by logic, not blindly follow emotional pleas. That way we can actually make Utah’s roads safer.”

The ad is part of the restaurant industry lobbying group’s longstanding campaign targeting Utah over the new DUI law. They have run ads in neighboring states urging people to cancel vacation plans to the state.

Last month, Longwell faced heated questioning when she testified before a legislative committee.

It targets both Republicans and Democrats, but may have the opposite of its intended effect. Past ads heaping criticism on the state have emboldened some lawmakers to stand by their belief that passing the .05 DUI law is the right move to save lives.

Rep. Stephen Handy, R-Layton, who is 66, said he “owns his age.” He criticized the ad.

“I just to think that’s not the way we’re going to affect public policy. Let’s sit down and talk about this,” he told FOX 13. “This bill needs some fixes, needs some work. This seems like a knee-jerk reaction, not well thought out.”

The legislature passed the strictest anti-DUI law in the nation earlier this year. After signing it into law, Governor Gary Herbert ordered a review to make modifications to avoid “unintended consequences.” Restaurant and hospitality groups have complained it will scare people from going out to eat, and add to the perception that Utah has bizarre liquor laws.

Lawmakers have held hearings in recent months to look into the issue. The law does not take effect until the end of 2018.

Original Outlet: Salt Lake City Fox affiliate
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