(KUTV) In a full-page advertisement set to debut tomorrow, the American Beverage Institute compares Utah’s new .05 arrest law to driving while old.

The restaurant trade association cites research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that claims drivers older than 65 are “more impaired than a driver with a BAC of .05.”

The advertisement features photos of 11 Utah lawmakers over the age of 65 and asks, “If Utah legislators believed drivers at .05 should go to jails, should those over 65 be arrested for DWO (Driving While Older)?”

The lawmakers include:

  • Governor Gary Herbert
  • Rep. R. Curt Webb
  • Rep. Marie Poulson
  • Rep. Stephen Hardy
  • Rep. Carl Albrecht
  • Rep. V Lowry Snow
  • Rep. Christine Watkins
  • Sen. Lyle Hillyard
  • Sen. Peter Knudson
  • Sen. Doon Ipson
  • Sen. Allen Christensen

Gov. Gary Herbert signed a law on March 23 lowering the legal Blood Alcohol Content limit from .08 to .05, the lowest DUI limit in the nation.

Original Outlet: Salt Lake City CBS affiliate
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